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A Simple Way We Make Cavities Disappear in Bellefonte, PA

Cavities. The dreaded word you definitely don’t want to hear when visiting the dentist. But when you visit Eagle Valley Family Dentistry…no judgment here. If we discover cavities during your routine cleaning or perhaps you visit because you’re in pain, we have a simple way of making them disappear. 

Cavities are small openings in your teeth and they form as a result of tooth decay. And tooth decay occurs because of plaque. Plaque is just another word for bacteria and once it grabs hold of your teeth, it will eat away at your enamel without shame. 


The Most Common Causes of Cavities Include:

  • Sugary food and drinks (ice cream, honey, soda, cookies, gum, etc.)

  • Constant snacking

  • Not brushing enough

  • Dry mouth

  • Heartburn


Most cavities form in your back teeth because food and beverages can easily nestle in all kinds of places and the back teeth are often harder to clean. That is why when you see someone laugh, you can instantly tell they had cavities because you see dark, gray areas blotted in their back teeth.


Let Eagle Valley Family Dentistry handle it and no one has to know you ever had cavities.


That’s because we use composite fillings, which are made of resin that we match to the color of your teeth—making the fillings invisible! And when we apply composite fillings, it also provides a seal to stop any further tooth decay.

Are Composite Fillings Right For Treating My Cavities? 

We can use composite fillings depending on the size and location of the cavities, as well as any allergies you might have and whether we’re able to match the color of your teeth.


If for some reason we are not able to use composite fillings, there are still several other options. Those include the traditional amalgam fillings (the dark, gray ones), gold fillings, or porcelain. 

Child at the Dentist

How to Schedule Your Appointment 

We’re located just minutes away from downtown Bellefonte, so it’s easy to schedule an appointment. We’re here to make sure you know all your options so you can make the best decision. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (814) 473-5554 or use the form below.

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