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Examining an X-ray at eagle valley family dentistry in bellefonte, pa

Safe and Convenient Digital Dental X-Rays in Bellefonte, PA 

Digital dental X-rays are the safest and most convenient ways to exam everything about your mouth, including your teeth, jawbone, and any possible underlying issues. At Eagle Valley Family Dentistry, we are proactive in everything we do and we utilize digital dental X-rays when preparing for any kind of orthodontic work.


Digital dental X-rays use approximately 90% less radiation than conventional X-rays because they use controlled pulses of radiation, which results in computer-generated images in a matter of minutes.


There are a few different types of digital dental X-rays we use to fully examine your mouth depending on your situation.

Dental x-ray at eagle valley family dentistry in bellefonte, pa

The Most Common Types of Digital Dental X-Rays 

Bitewing X-ray: This view is helpful for us to find any possible cavities or examine any previous fillings. This image captures each tooth from the crown to about your jaw bone.


Periapical view: This view allows us to see down to the roots of your teeth. This view is used when preparing for root canals or perhaps to see if you have any teeth growing beneath the surface of your gums.


Panoramic view: This view is extremely helpful when examining for bone loss. This is important if you’re considering implants or implant-supported bridges.


No matter the kind of digital dental X-ray we use, the process is pretty simple. We’ll have you stay in your chair or go to another room where you’ll wear a lead shield. We then have you bite down on a film that helps the X-ray machine capture the images of your teeth and mouth. There is absolutely no pain when it comes to digital dental X-rays.

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No matter your situation, we utilize digital dental X-rays to make sure we recommend the absolute best options customized to meet your needs. We’re conveniently located near downtown Bellefonte, so you can receive digital dental X-rays based on your schedule.


Schedule an appointment at Eagle Valley Family Dentistry by calling us at (814) 473-5554 or use the form below.

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