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Image by Benyamin Bohlouli

Dr. Wade Newman

dr. wade newman at eagle valley family dentistry in bellefonte, pa

Dr. Wade Newman is passionate about helping others while serving his country and community. In his 3rd year of dental school, he was asked to go to a remote village in Guatemala where people stood in line for days for dental care. The deep-seated need to donate his time and talent blossomed from there.

A diligent student, Dr. Newman garnered several esteemed awards during dental school including, the Organization of Teachers of Oral Diagnosis Excellence in Diagnosis Award, Waterpik Prosthodontic Best of the Best Award, WVU School of Dentistry Rural Health Commendable Scholarship Award, Dennis Overman International Health Outstanding Achievement Award, Omicron Kappa Upsilon Clinical Sciences Award, The American Society of Dentistry for Children Outstanding Achievement Award and The International College of Dentists Outstanding Achievement Award. He was also invited to be a member of the Golden Key National Honor Society.

Since dental school, Dr. Wade Newman DDS has donated countless hours of dental care with local Mission of Mercy and Give Kid’s Smile events over the years. Dr. Newman has also participated in humanitarian efforts across the globe providing urgent pain relief to those suffering from longstanding dental disease. Another area that Dr. Newman focused on was giving back to the profession that he loves, by being involved in the highest levels of organized dentistry. Being a delegate for the American Dental Association, being on the Board of Trustees of the Pennsylvania Dental Association, to being the Pennsylvania Dental Associations President, Dr. Newman is proud of his service to his profession.

Dr. Newman also has over 20 years of serving in the military. Serving in the Air National Guard not only kept up his family’s long tradition of military service, it also allowed Dr. Newman to further his humanitarian efforts. His most memorable humanitarian effort was when he was tasked with an irregular warfare mission to the remote village of Bani Bangou, Africa. Dr. Newman realized that the sheer number of those that needed treatment for long-standing diseases was more than one person could accomplish. He initiated training members of his personal security team in local anesthesia and extractions that lead to over 300 villagers being relieved of pain. Through his medical expertise and dedication to mission, he was able to demonstrate the United States’ willingness to support the vulnerable populations near the Malian border directly countering terrorist efforts in the region.

Dr. Wade Newman DDS isn’t currently practicing dentistry, he is either hunting or cheering on any Penn State athletic event. An adventure seeker, he loves seeing new sights and experiencing new surroundings, especially with his family. Fun, family, and friends sum up Dr. Newman’s way of life.

Born in Bellefonte, and raised in Milesburg, Dr. Wade Newman DDS came home to practice dentistry in his native community. He founded Eagle Valley Family Dentistry which has been molded into a kind, caring, compassionate dental practice that reflects the ideals and values that Dr. Newman holds dear. Dr. Newman has cherished watching his son, Dr. Jordan Newman, follow his path into dentistry and could not be prouder to witness that his son is a kind, compassionate, and highly skilled dentist. 

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