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A Woman smiling at eagle valley family dentistry in bellefonte, pa

Transform Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Bellefonte, PA 

Going to the dentist isn’t just about getting your teeth cleaned anymore; it’s about making sure you have the best smile possible through the advancements of cosmetic dentistry. And you can access some of the best options available at Eagle Valley Family Dentistry right here in Bellefonte, PA.

Smiling Woman at eagle valley family dentistry in bellefonte, pa

Options Available with Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening: One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to transform your smile, we use some of the most advanced techniques to whitening your teeth. We can also recommend which over-the-counter products are the best depending on your teeth.


Veneers: If you have any gaps, misshapen teeth, or stains veneers are a great solution. Veneers are thin shells used to cover the front of your teeth and can be an alternative to crowns.


Crowns: While veneers just cover the front of your tooth, a crown covers your entire tooth. A crown is also known as a “cap” and can be used to not only cover up stained teeth, but can be used to protect teeth from further decay.


Dental Bridges: Dental bridges are great when it comes to replacing teeth. A dental bridge may also mean having crowns placed; it depends on which kind of dental bridge is best for you.


Dental Bonding: If you need some minor repairs done to your teeth, such as fixing discoloration or filling in gaps, dental bonding is another great option and costs less than veneers.

Let’s Discuss Your Cosmetic Dentistry Goals 

There is no reason for you to not be happy with your smile when there are so many options available at Eagle Valley Family Dentistry. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts and we can walk you through what options are best for you. Call us at (814) 473-5554 or use the form below.

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