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Dental Bonding: The Veneer Alternative in Bellefonte, PA 

It’s common knowledge that veneers can be an easy solution to transforming your smile, but a lesser-known alternative that may also be a good fit is dental bonding. Lucky for you, dental bonding is available at Eagle Valley Family Dentistry right here in Bellefonte, PA. 

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Dental Bonding is an Effective Option for Minor Repairs to Your Teeth

While veneers cover the entire front of your teeth, dental bonding is only applied to certain areas. Plus, dental bonding is less harmful to your teeth and less expensive than veneers

We use dental bonding to correct some of the following issues: 

•    Discoloration of teeth
•    Fill in gaps between teeth
•    Fix chips or cracks 
•    Reshape or lengthen teeth 


How Dental Bonding Works 

Dental bonding is made of a composite resin that can be matched to the color of your teeth. Once we select the best match for your teeth, we remove a very small amount of enamel (if necessary) and start applying the resin.


When placing the dental bonding, we shape it to meet your desired goals. A final laser at the end bonds the resin to your teeth and then we polish it so it looks smooth and natural.


Depending on the work being done, dental bonding can be performed in as little as one visit. You can expect dental bonding to last anywhere from 10-15 years depending on how you care for your teeth. 


And the good news…dental bonding does not ruin your teeth. Your enamel might be slightly more vulnerable than before, but dental bonding doesn’t do anything to cause any more erosion or damage to your natural enamel. You can simply have your dental bonding retouched when needed.

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Is Dental Bonding Right For Me?

Some or most of the cost for dental bonding will be covered by a majority of insurers, depending on if the work is reconstructive versus cosmetic. The cost of the procedure depends on what kinds of corrections are being done and how many teeth are being worked on. 

We have a team of experts at Eagle Valley Family Dentistry right in Bellefonte, PA so you don’t need to go far to discuss your situation and if dental bonding is the right it for you. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (814) 473-5554 or use the form below.

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