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Braces as an Adult?

In my over 20 years as a dentist, I’ve been asked numerous times about whether or not having braces is a good idea as an adult. The answer is a most assuredly YES in most instances.

braces as an adult

Having a great smile has numerous positive effects. Improving the aesthetics of your smile boosts self-confidence, which has a positive effect mentally and physically. Straight teeth are easier to maintain and keep clean which reduces the risk of oral issues later in life. The kinds of issues unhealthy teeth and gums create can be quite expensive and detrimental to your overall health, so preventive action is your best bet at keeping oral health care costs down over the long span of your life.

The follow-up question that I get to the “braces as an adult” is: can I get clear braces? Everyone seems to be aware of the traditional metal brackets and wire bands which have been the way orthodontics have been completed for decades. Recent advertisements of brands like Invisalign and Smile Direct have put clear orthodontic aligning retainers at the forefront of the braces discussion.

The advances in computer-aided orthognathic technology with predictable treatment plan processes have made clear aligning retainers a viable option for most people in need of braces. Notice, I said MOST, not all. There are some cases that would be best served via the standard bands and brackets, a dentist is the person to distinguish between whether clear aligners or the band and brackets would work best for your particular case.

Having the smile that you think you should have goes a long way with your overall health and happiness. When your smile radiates, those around you can’t help but smile as well, making everyone better off, even if it’s for just a moment. If you have been thinking about a straighter smile, there is no better time than now to talk with us.

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